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The Friends of Westminster School

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee helps us to gauge the popularity of different types of activities and schedule our events accordingly, working with the Development Office to develop a fun and attractive calendar of events for our members. New members are always welcome, and please feel free to contact the office for more details.

Patricia Millett
Mother of Alexia Millett (Busby's, 2008-10), Edward Millett (Busby's, 2007-12) and Eliza Millett (Hakluyt's, 2012-14)

Mikko Arevuo
Father of Max Arevuo (WW, 2005-10)

Laura Fieldman
Mother of Thomas Fieldman, (Hakluyt's, 2007-09)

Debbie Talalay
Mother of Samuel Talalay (Hakluyt's, 2004-09) and Robert Talalay (Hakluyt's, 1999-04)

Susi Kirkwood
Mother of Joshua Harris-Kirkwood (Wren's, 2007-09)

Nathalie Monnot
Mother of Sacha Mehta (College, 2008-13) and Lila Mehta (Liddell's, 2012-14)

Rebecca Thompson
Mother of Walker Thompson (Purcell's, 2012-14)

Sian Beyts
Mother of Milo Beyts (Wren's, 2006-11) and Merlin Beyts (Wren's, 2008-13)

Nancy Wood
Mother of William Wood (Grant's, 2009-14)

Zuzana Princova
Mother of Ilya Levantis (Milne's, 2004-09)

Sara Phillips
Mother of Cyrus Phillips (BB, 2010-15)

Janet Critchley
Mother of Thomas Critchley (RR, 2010-2015)

Ronnie Kent
Father of Benjamin Kent (WW, 1999-2004)

OW Events

18th May 2017
What Came Next for Four OWW?  

7th June 2017
Rigaud's Dinner  

1st July 2017
Henley Drinks

6th July 2017
Open Houses

9th November 2017
Elizabethan Club Dinner


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