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Forthcoming event

Elizabethan Club Dinner 2017

Thursday, 9th November 7pm up School, 8pm College Hall
Booking: Opens Play Term

We are honoured that former Elizabethan Club President and President of the Supreme Court, Lord Neuberger (WW, 1961-65) will speak at this year's Elizabethan Club Dinner.

Lord Neuberger is Britain's most senior judge and oversaw the landmark Brexit case at the Supreme Court. President of the Supreme Court since 2012, he steps down in September. His perspective on the case and the treatment of the judiciary (on which he has recently been quoted in the press) are sure to make for a fascinating speech. In a recent interview for the Today programme on Radio 4 Lord Neuberger was quoted as saying:

“We [judges in general] were certainly not well treated...One has to be careful about being critical of the press, particularly as a lawyer or judge, because our view of life is very different from that of the media. I think some of what was said was undermining the rule of law.”

After leaving Westminster, David Neuberger went on to study Chemistry at Christ Church, Oxford. 

Following a brief spell in the world of investment banking, he was called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn in 1974, where he became a Bencher in 1993. He became a Queen's Counsel in 1987 and was a Recorder from 1990 to 1996, when he was appointed a High Court Judge in the Chancery Division and received the customary knighthood. In 2001, he was made Supervisory Chancery Judge of the Midland, Wales and Chester, and of the Western Circuits, a post he held until 2004, when he was promoted to become a Lord Justice of Appeal and a member of the Privy Council. 
In 2007, he became Lord of Appeal in Ordinary and was made a life peer as Baron Neuberger of Abbotsbury. His rise to the Court of Appeal and then to the House of Lords is one of the quickest in recent times.  In 2009 he was appointed Master of the Rolls.

House Societies

House Societies help friends to stay in touch, provide a direct link back to the current Housemaster and provide a way of keeping alive the traditions and eccentricities associated with a particular House! We hope they provide a way for OWW to celebrate and share their memories and hear about how their predecessors are doing. 

Full details of all forthcoming House Society events can be found in the events list on the right hand side of the page. Currently all House Societies are actively seeking OWW to help organise events so if you would be willing to be involved or if you would like more information about this please email alumni@westminster.org.uk. All OWW should automatically receive details of the activities of their House Society as long as the School has their contact details. To update your contact details please click here.


Ashburnham Society

The Ashburnham Society was founded in 2004. In addition to organising regular social events for Old Ashburnhamites the Society funds a bursary for which members of the House in their last 2 years of school and first few years of leaving are eligible to apply. The Society also supports an annual Ashburnham photographic competition and other House activities such as the Ash Tree magazine.
Contact: Angus Roy at adroy@btinternet.com

Busby Society

The Busby Society was founded in 1960 and has provided a focus for social activity amongst Old Busbites ever since. The Society offers a travel bursary for which old and current Busbites may apply and organises events for its members.
Contact: Busby Society at alumni@westminster.org.uk

College Society

Click here to view the College Society home page which features archive materials, news from pupils and the House and notices for former Queen's Scholars. The College Society is very active offering a variety of events and activities and an annual newsletter. There is a committee of 10 members, including one former member of staff (Jonathan Katz) and one current member of staff.
Contact: Duncan Matthews at dmatthews@20essexst.com

Dryden's Society

The Dryden’s Society was founded in 2009, the fortieth year since the House was founded.
Contact: Aqib Aslam at aqib.aslam@gmail.com

Hakluyt's Society

The Hakluyt’s Society was founded in its current form in 2011 but there is currently no volunteer committee to organise events and activities - please email alumni@westminster.org.uk if you are interested in being involved.

Liddell's Society

The Liddell’s Society aims to provide events and activities for Old Liddelites. The Committee of the Liddell’s Society comprises: David Eaton Turner (Hon Chairman), Tom Weisselberg (Hon Secretary), Emilie Bosworth Speight (Hon Treasurer), David Dudding, Edward Hasted, Andrew Howe, Christina Kulukundis and Edward Oates.
Contact: Tom Weisselberg at tomweisselberg@blackstonechambers.com

Milne's Society

The Milne’s Society was founded in 2011 with the aim of organising social events for ‘Old Poohs’ and supporting the House and its current members.
Contact:  Alasdair Donaldson at alasdair.donaldson@new-oxford.com

Old Grantite Club

The objects of the Club are to maintain, promote and strengthen the comradeship of Old Grantites by means of reunions of Old Grantites, and to advance the prosperity of Grant's.
Contact: Caroline Lewis caroline.f.lewis@btinternet.com 

Purcell's Society

There is currently no volunteer committee to organise events and activities for Purcell's OWW - please email alumni@westminster.org.uk if you are interested in being involved.

Rigaud's Society

The Rigaud’s Society was founded to help keep old Rigaudites in touch with each other and to support the House.
Contact: Matthew Rhodes at matthew@rollonfriday.com

Wren's Society

The Wren’s Society was re-launched in 2008. New committee members are actively being sought so please contact alumni@westminster.org.uk if you would like to be involved.
Contact: Dean Chatterjee at alumni@westminster.org.uk

OW Events

18th May 2017
What Came Next for Four OWW?  

7th June 2017
Rigaud's Dinner  

1st July 2017
Henley Drinks

6th July 2017
Open Houses

9th November 2017
Elizabethan Club Dinner


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